Prom Limo Rental – Everything You Need To Know

Prom Limo Rental Las Vegas

Prom is the most extraordinary event in an adolescent’s life. You can take this occasion as an opportunity to create a lasting impression on your classmates and someone special.

Since a prom night is an important event, you must start planning for it timely. Choose the perfect gown or tuxedo, select matching shoes, and make makeup and hair appointments. Persuade your special one to be your date for prom night.

Wait a minute! What about the transportation to the event? You will not want your parents to drive you to the prom venues in their car. How about hiring a prom limo service? Booking a prom limo rental is a perfect way to make this special event memorable, extra-special, and safe when you arrive in style in a luxury stretch car.

How to hire the right Prom Limo Rental?

There are several companies offering prom limo rental. Therefore, you should consider several things to make a perfect choice. You must not sign any contract with a company without reading it or researching about the company as the affair may turn very costly in the end.

Listed below are a few crucial aspects of a prom limo rental.


A prom limo rental usually costs between $50 and $150 per hour. This limo pricing depends on many factors like total distance to be traveled, number of stops on the way, type of limousine hired, amenities included, the time you will use the limo, etc.

Select the Right Limo

Before signing a contract with the prom limo service, you must check the limousine you are hiring. It is necessary since you will not want to ride in an old limo model when you hire the latest version. Also, ensure that the company you hire the limo from has apt insurance. Check if the chauffeur has a valid driving license and is well-trained.

Size and Features

Check the size and features of the limousine if you want your prom limo rental experience to be comfortable and memorable. If you are a group of three or four people, it is better to consider hiring a sedan. But, if you are traveling in a group of more than six, consider renting a limo. When you hire a limousine, you can enjoy amenities like an LED screen, stereo system, minibar, sunroofs, and plush leather seating.

Crown Las Vegas is one of the best prom limo rental companies in Las Vegas that offers limo services exclusively for prom. With trained and licensed chauffeurs to escort you, expect fun and enjoyment at prom night in a safer way.