Rental Tips

The trend of hiring a limousine for celebrating events and festivities is on fire. But with dozens of limo companies in Las Vegas, it becomes hard to rely on anyone. To get the most out of your limo rental, be careful while hiring a limousine in Vegas. The limo rental tips mentioned below will help you to decide on a reliable limo & car service.


The simple and easy way to stumble upon a good limo service is to seek recommendations. Getting references from friends and family is easy and can help decision-making. These people will give you unbiased and honest reviews. Check if anyone in your nears and dears has hired a limousine recently. Ask if their experience was pleasing with the limo service.

Online Reviews

After Covid-19, almost every business/company has its online presence. One can get enough information about a business by visiting its website. Consider checking reviews and ratings of the company on Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Trustpilot. Testimonials from past clients can also help you decide on the company.


Experience brings expertise. Go with a limo company who is in the industry for the past several years. An experienced limo company understands the tastes and preferences of the clients. It is why they can serve the customers in a better way.


Go with a limo service that has a wide-ranging fleet of vehicles. With them, you will get more and better options to choose from. Remember, luxury comes at a price. Therefore, keep yourself away from cheap limo companies.

Vehicle Inspection

When you visit a limo company’s website, you might get attracted to the photos of showcased vehicles. But, a few of those images might be stock photos. So, when you see the actual vehicle, it is entirely different from what you saw on the company’s website.

Also, in many cases, it is seen that the companies don’t own vehicles too. They outsource the leads to other limo companies and get their commission. Therefore, you must physically inspect the limo before renting it.

Rental Cost

Cost is a crucial factor to consider before buying anything. The same applies even while hiring a limousine. Companies often mention their base fares to make their pricing look cheap. But, the eventual bill is way more than what you thought. Besides the base fare, the limo company can charge you extra for fuel surcharge, gratuity, tolls, parking, administration fee, etc. Your overall bill can go up by 30% with these additional charges. Ensure discussing all these charges before signing the contract with the service provider.


Safety runs ahead of fun and fee. Not every limo company is as safe as they claim. Ensure that the company you are considering is fully insured, licensed, and certified.